sepiolite attapulgite absorb

Method For Preparing A Sorbent

2019-9-19 ensp 0183 ensp A mixture of basic copper carbonate powder 100 parts by weight D 50 10-20 μm and attapulgite clay 10 parts by weight was applied directly onto the agglomerated material A in the granulator with a little water 0 1 ml/g mixture to and then dried at 105 176 C to give dried sorbent precursor B loaded with 10 wt copper The granules were...

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2019-8-29 ensp 0183 ensp The method of claim 1 wherein the processed nanoclay includes at least one of a smectite a kaolin an illite a chlorite an attapulgite or a combination thereof 8 The method of claim 1 wherein the processed nanoclay comprises swellable nanoclays selected from the group consisting of smectite nanoclays sepiolite nanoclays zeolite...

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The 19 Benefits Of Zeolite And Clinoptilolites

2020-2-2 ensp 0183 ensp Zeolite is a collective name for minerals and chemical compounds within the group of silicates with some prominent ones Clinoptilolite aluminum Sepiolite magnesium Analcime Chabazite Heulandite Natrolite Phillipsite and Stilbite R R Zeolites are microporous materials natural and synthetic that are used for a variety of applications catalysts and as molecular sieves for...

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Synthesis and humidity control performances of

2019-11-1 ensp 0183 ensp The continuous moisture adsorption/desorption experimental setup is described in Fig 1 As displayed in Fig 1 a the desiccator method in ISO 12571-2013 was used to test the humidity control performance of pure powder samples Constant humidity environment was created by saturated salt solutions potassium sulfate RH = 98 potassium chloride RH = 85 sodium chloride RH =...

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A review on functional polymer

2019-11-5 ensp 0183 ensp A composite consisting of chitosan and attapulgite CTS/ATP was fabricated and reported to be successful for adsorption of Cr 3 and Fe 3 in an aqueous solution of both single and binary systems There was an increase in adsorption of Cr 3 and Fe 3 from 0 01 to 0 10 g...

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